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Dental Implants

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We offer a wide array of dental implant services, from replacing a single tooth to full mouth replacements. Dental implants look, chew and function like natural teeth! However, they do not decay and do not have nerves to cause pain like natural teeth.

Dental implants are titanium screws which are placed in the jaw bone in order to provide anchorage for replacing the missing teeth. Implant fixtures are made of a non-toxic and biocompatible titanium alloy. Learn more in this helpful video:

Types of Implants

Single Implant

Most popular option for replacing a missing tooth.

Implant Bridge

A cost-effective way to replace three teeth with two implants.

Removable Overdenture

Implants aid in retention of dentures for stronger chewing forces and increased comfort.

Fixed Hybrid Denture

Full-mouth tooth replacement option for the highest level of esthetics and function.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Dental Bridges were considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth in the early 90's. This is a non-surgical option that entails drilling on the adjacent teeth in order to cement a splinted bridge for replacing the tooth that is missing. This option could result in resorption of the jaw bone and it could result in cavities underneath the bridge.

Removable Partial Dentures are typically the most affordable option for replacing missing teeth. After any hopeless teeth are removed, your dentist can fabricate a removable appliance that replaces the missing tooth or teeth. These appliances must be removed at night for cleaning and they may require adjustments over time.

Dental Implants and Orthodontics

In addition to replacing missing teeth, implants are routinely used inorthodontics. Patients can often complete their orthodontic therapy faster and often times avoid unsightly extraoral appliances (head gears). These mini-implants can be easily placed and removed with very little discomfort to the patient.

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