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Patient Referrals

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If we have any questions or need additional information, we'll contact your office and let you know! Don't hesitate to call us if there's anything you need.

BOERNE  (830) 816-5102     |     KERRVILLE  (830) 896-6964


Dentist Referral Form

Available Procedures:

Implant Placement

Extraction and ridge preservation

IV Conscious Sedation, Oral Conscious Sedation, Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation

Sinus Lifts:  Lateral Window and Indirect Vertical Sinus Lifts

Peri-implantitis and Implant Failure Treatment

Periodontal Surgery:  Bone regeneration and pocket reduction

Minimally Invasive Surgery:  Atraumatic treatment of isolated pockets

LANAP:  Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

Crown Lengthening  (for esthetics or for clearance for crown preparation)

Soft Tissue Augmentation and Root Coverage (using either autogenous palatal tissue or acellular dermal matrix)

Tunneling:  Minimally invasive soft tissue augmentation by creating a pouch in the gums for placement of a soft tissue graft

Pinpoint incisions:  Small holes can be placed up high in the mucosa to aid in soft tissue advancement with minimal trauma

Surgically Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics:  Accelerated orthodontic treatment by making bone perforations between the roots and placing bone graft for the movement of teeth into sites with insufficient bone


Oral Medicine:  Biopsy and treatment of rare oral pathology conditions

Occlusal Therapy


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